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After a year of blogging ...

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Yes , my little blog has now 1 year old . Time flies right ? 
new year means for me new responsibilities and i have to add new things 

As a personal blog , i find difficulty in many things such as finding new ideas to develop my blog , after a long time of searching here and there finally i found huge ideas on many personal blogs i follow . i’ve never expected that there are a lot to talk about .
In the first months i promised myself to rely only about my own ideas , but then i discovered that many blogger write about the same topics using their ways.

I’m shocked that i’ve opened my blog a year ago , that’s why i’m thinking of posting more important posts i think they may help other bloggers and share my experience - even i’m still a beginner -.
So from now on , topics will belong to one of these big categories “ seems tidy now “ 

Beauty in nature 
“ this section will be about beauty hacks , natural products and self care for girls “

 Coffee and Blogger
  " Every blogger needs some tips to develop his or her blog so in this part i’ll share my knowledge , codes and apps which can make blogging more amusing also ,i’ll let my friends express their opinions “ 

 Culture & picture 
“ It’s clear from its name , i will be talking about cultural things and also will contain my gallery of pictures i take from time to time “

 Social media & guests 
“ once a month i will have a guest from social media or blogger in my blog and do with them interview  “

 Emy says 
“ i have personal blog so i should have a corner to myself “

 Where am i ?
 “ This part will be related my channel on youtube and i’ll post vlogs of the places i visited in Morocco “ 

 Girly talk 
“ this part will be just for girls topics “ .

This is the new plan for my blog , seems tidy now ,is it ? so i hope you enjoy this post and if you like my blog please don’t forget to share it your friends ^_^.

See you in the next post 

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Blog anniversary

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Today is a special day to my blog . My life’s journey is one year old now . yeey i’m so glad that my little baby -my blog - is growing up . it’s true , time flies i just can’t figure out how that really happened . 
blogging has given me lots of precious things through this year , i’ve met many good people around the world . 
so many of bloggers became my friends and i’m so glad to have strong friendship with them which is above blogging , some of them you may know  “ kayla , kanwal , Nikki , Mandy and Amir “ . 
they are so kind and i found them beside me whenever i needed them the most .
Thank you friends! you’re all dear to me !

Also i would like to thank my colleague bloggers who visit my blog from time to time leaving their blog links in comments . 
------------What’s new ?------------
From today the plan will change in order to organize my content more by adding new extra things , my next post will be more detailed about the full program that i will use from now on .

Without missing the chance to thank all my family that support me and give me a push everyday to continue . you are now 516 on Facebook , 174 on Instagram and 147 on Twitter and our family grows everyday . Some of you may think that it’s a small number but i don’t care about numbers as much as how much love you’ve given me since i started my blog .
I just wanna say i love you all even i don’t know all of you ^_^

At the end , i want you to write your names , from where ? and your ages and everything you want me to know , i really want to get an idea about each one of you . 
( i know there is a little problem with comments , because not all of you have google account to comment so i’ll try to add another comment box so that you can comment by using your fb account  )

If you’re new in my blog please let know you too and please don’t forget to join  us ^_^
 Love , 

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